Welcome to my little home on the internet. I originally started this blog in 2010 while my parents were overseas, and I wanted a way for them to keep up with our life. Since then, however, life has changed in the form of 2 children, a move, a job change, and my parents live 15 minutes away from us now! Because of the life changes, I mainly blog for my own purposes more than for anyone else (although I do love love love comments, and am so glad you're here).
I find myself blogging about the daily happenings of:

 being married | raising children | managing a home | adventures in domesticity | my journey of growing in faith | and snippets of realities I come to 

I will catch myself clicking through years of stories I have blogged about, and I'm always so grateful for the tidbits I have documented. Often times I'm typing in moments of perspective, so it's good for me to go back and be reminded by myself. Other times I shared a simple story that I'm glad I have written down. Most of these moments and stories are based around my husband, Tom (my high school sweetheart), Ruthy (our little girl- born July '11) and Bennett (our little boy- born Oct. '12).

   Enjoy and I'm truly flattered you're here!


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