31 Days

What makes something lovely? It might be a conversation, a meal, the backyard, or the mess on the kitchen counter. Can a mess on the kitchen counter be lovely? Maybe? It's not the mess in and of itself that's lovely: it's the little hands that made it.

It's not the perfect place setting that makes a meal lovely (although I'm a sucker for some pretty cloth napkins), it's the conversation that happens over the meal that's lovely.

This month I look forward to writing everyday about this. The joy, the meaning, the purpose, the "loveliness" that can be found in a day, even in the hardest of days.

Day 2: Dinner with Friends
Day 3: Not so Lovely, Lovely
Day 4: A Nature Walk
Day 5: Afternoon Crafts
Day 6: The Loveliest
Day 7: Lovely Afternoons
Day 8: Calling it Fall Decor
Day 9: Growing Relationships
Day 10: Pancake Recipe
Day 11: Taco Soup Recipe
Day 12: This Monday
Day 13: Uninterrupted Time
Day 14: More Important Work
Day 15: Home is the Nicest Word There is
Day 16: Caterpillars, Slugs and Snakes
Day 17: Veggie Beef Recipe
Day 18: Old Friends
Day 19: A "Kid Friendly" Home
Day 20: Coffee & Cookies
Day 21: Bath Time!
Day 22: A Lovely Weekend
Day 23: Stuffed Pepper Soup
Day 24: Security in Dating my Husband
Day 25: Could or Should

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