Friday, November 21, 2014

My Divided Attention

Sometimes we go to the basement. The kids play, and I clean up. Sometimes we play with Play Doh, and I let them have 1 color at a time. Most times, I fold clothes/ do dishes/ sit across the room from them/ get on the computer while the kids make block towers or "soup" in the pretend kitchen. In conclusion, I stink at playing with my kids. My version of playing, is picking up or avoiding messes, or hurrying up to get from one thing to another.

At the beginning of this week, I was in a constant state of distraction. By Tuesday evening, I could tell how this "state" was affecting my kids. I knew I was going to have to cancel stuff for Wednesday and dub it, "Stay at Home for a Whole day of Undivided Attention" Day.

Let me just say that it was the best thing for the 3 of us. I went into the day with no expectations. The morning started by snuggling in Bennett's bed until 7:30. We turned on the fireplace and cuddled while watching cartoons. We put the tent up in the living room and filled it with 50 books, 10 pillows, 2 blankets and 35 toy cars. We played loud banjo music- the type you can't help but dance to. We made hot cocoa (Ruthy's fave). We had chicken nuggets for dinner (Bennett's fave), and we ended the night with a movie and popcorn. It was epic.  

Sometimes when my kids are acting all out of sorts, I know it's an indicator of something. This time, this indicator pointed me to my heart, and my agenda. An agenda and heart that needs more room for messes and snuggles and loud banjo music.

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