Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 Days: Security in Dating my Husband

As Tom was leaving to go to his office this morning, I had to tell my immature-self to refrain from begging him to work from home today. I'm really liking this season we're in as a couple. We're no longer newlyweds (although I'm sure some people married for 60 years would beg to differ), and things feel settled as far as our marriage goes. Life in general as parents, etc.- now that's a different story, but there's legit security that comes with being married for 6 years.

I mentioned in this post, that I would go more in depth about our date, so I'll do that tonigh. When we were dating before we were married I was working at The Patio Drive-In, and there was an older couple that would come in together. They'd order their food, sit down at the table, and they would both read their books. I was so confused. Huh? What was the point?

Well...this past weekend, our date night started by running to Old Navy to buy Tom some shirts. I know, sometimes we're painfully practical. Then, we had some time to kill before our reservations, so we hopped over to Barnes and Noble where we both nestled into reading something. He grabbed a woodworking magazine and a chair, and I grabbed a cookbook and a random stool.

We were so content. Let me tell you, I was enthralled with this cookbook. I was enjoying this date night. As I was reading, oblivious to all that was going on around me, I heard a familiar voice talking to Tom a couple book cases away from me. I looked up and there was our sweet sitter who comes to the house once a week to watch the kids. She was on a date, and she was all dressed up doing a fun scavenger hunt that her date had planned for them.

I stood up from my stoop of a random Barnes and Noble stool and my cookbook to say hey! It was in that moment that I had to laugh at our married-for-6-years selves. No, it's not that we don't have anything to talk about.  No, it's not that we can't stand each other. No, it's not that we're lame. No, it's not that we're bored and tired of each other. None of those reasons are why we were reading to ourselves on our date, and none of those reasons are why that older couple read their books on their Patio Drive-In dates either.

It's all about security. It's all about being content just being with one another. It's because we know each other and we get each other. It's because he knows what I'm going to say before I even need to say it. It's because we are with each other when we wake up in the morning and with each other when we go to bed at night. It's because we talk about our dreams on a regular basis, and we're continually sharing new developments as they come about.  

In fact, later on that night, we were reminiscing and remembering where we had come from. We were also discussing those dreams we have for our future family, and I felt just as content as I did earlier in the night. It all has a purpose: the fun/important conversations and the little times of just being together. It's what makes doing this life together fun and so lovely.


  1. This may be my favorite post yet! Made me smile the whole way through! Love you lemans!!!:)

  2. Also, can you imagine if your married-for-six-years husband planned an extravagant scavenger hunt for a date? If Ryan did that I'd probably be like, this is so much work; isn't a date supposed to be relaxing. Haha! Funny how things change!!

    1. Haha! Too funny. Yes, it's so funny how things change!