Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days: A "Kid Friendly" Home

This morning some new friends came to play. I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable here, and I got to thinking about whether or not her girls would be comfortable as well. Then, it got me thinking about how I always want our home to be "kid friendly."
No matter what age our children are, I always want little children to be welcome in our home, and I never want their parents to be concerned about breaking anything or feeling unsafe or uneasy while they're here. Actually, I want the opposite for them. I don't necessarily want "child proof," because that means it's off limits for the kids, but having a kid friendly home is both safe and welcoming to kids.  
 Having decor that's purposefully (or not on purpose too) a little aged or tattered can let someone know that I'm okay with a little tear or rip or water ring (because one of our old desks has tons of water rings from year and years of glasses). 
 Having a bench right by the door provides a place for little ones to sit while they get shoes on. Also, a lost and found basket is a must. That brown basket under the bench {above} is our lost and found. You never know how many sippy cups are going to be in there.
BOOKS!! They're a must

 Fun lights! I love turning fun lights on!
If there is ever a way to make something interactive, children will go directly to that...refrigerator magnets, window gel decorations, a felt board. Too often our home caters to me, but I want a place for kids to come and feel welcomed too. 

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